"Where Friends Meet"

Brewers Towne Tavern is owned and operated by Kurt Brahms (HTHS Class of 1983) and Glenn Wira (HTHS Class of 1984).   Formerly known as Pat's Pub and the The Crystal Tavern, the bar is one of the longest running businesses in Westmont.  When Kurt and Glenn took over in 2006, they put significant renovations into the business - including an all new draft system to support the 22 beers that are now on tap.  A significant change was a complete overhaul of the kitchen and menu.  One thing that hasn't changed is the quaint and comfortable setting that has always been present on the corner of Haddon and Crystal.  We are passionate about keeping the charm and atmosphere that have always existed, but we have made signicant improvements in order to offer our customers a new level of service and quality you come to expect.  Please join us and we hope you will bring some friends along.​

Brewers Towne Tavern - "Where Friends Meet"

Kurt & Glenn 


Brewers Towne Tavern
Haddon Avenue and Crystal Lake Avenue
Westmont, NJ 08108


(856) 854-5545

Our Name​


About Us

Many people often ask, "yo, where the heck did you guys come up with the new name"...or "yo, why didn't you just call yourself The Crystal Tavern".

Well believe it or not, there was a bit of thinking behind the name. Since a big part of our plan was to greatly expand our draft beer selection, we wanted to come up with something that would reflect microbrews.... and thus Brewers was born.  But we also wanted to stake out our claim as a key landmark in the often talked about development project "The Towne Center at Haddon".   We thought it would be nice to be referred to as The Towne Tavern.

So you put these two together and you get Brewers Towne Tavern.

Many people still refer to us as "The Crystal", or "Pat's" and some have actually made the transition and now call us "Brewers".  Whatever you choose to call us is just fine with us.  
But do call on us frequently!

Kurt & Glenn